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Decision Tree
Decision Tree: Remodel

As architects, we’re trained to design buildings. What we learn in the course of practicing architecture is that there are a tremendous number of issues, components and processes that contribute to the making of a building and place. It’s often easy to focus on either the design or the execution of a construction project, but it’s the experiences we encounter during the whole process that offer illuminating insights about best practices.

With over 20 years in practice, 2M Architecture has helped hundreds of homeowners renovate, expand and transform their homes. Some have even completely replaced homes with new buildings. The experiences and observations gleaned over time are the genesis of this series of articles. As a partnership of two principals, the stories of 2M Architecture will reflect the varied strengths and interests of both Marc Lindsell and Mark Tetrault.

Every project we undertake follows a familiar path that includes active listening, careful observation, detailed development, refinement and thorough execution. An integrated and collaborative spirit are necessary to resolve the program, the budget and the site into a cohesive and successful building.

We hope the coming entries in this blog will be helpful to you, possibly even inspirational. As passionate practitioners of architecture, it’s a delight to share some of our experiences, thoughts and observations. It’s our hope that more people learn about architecture and why buildings can be so fascinating.



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