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Form, structure, volume and light are some of the many factors that combine to create a memorable architectural experience. 2M Architecture creates high-performance buildings tailored to the site, use and goals of the owner.

architectural interior design

Finish selection, lighting, furniture plans and color are comprehensively resolved in this service to provide a tailored fit between architecture, life-style and budget.

feasibility Studies
& Reports

2M Architecture provides feasibility studies that balance the desired building program, project budget and regulatory parameters in order to achieve a successful design process.

  • For projects that will be built in phases, 2M Architecture can provide a Master Plan to guide the future design and construction of various project elements.


real estate development
  • 2M Architecture partners with property developers and their real estate professionals to create designs that add value to residential properties, from single-family dwellings to multi-family buildings.
  • Sustainable design principles and specifications inform every project at 2M Architecture. LEED certification and GreenPoint rating services are available for those projects where a higher level of building performance is required.