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The existing home included a galley Kitchen consistent with its era, but which was unsuitable for a family that enjoys gathering for meals - sometimes with large groups of friends or family. The mid-century structure also had a long entry sequence under a portion of the roof which left a good sized footprint of poorly utilized space.

The new Kitchen/Entry element was designed as an addition to the existing house, and was placed in the front yard of the site as a balance to the garage volume. By including the former covered walk-way into the house interior, it became possible to create a new Family Room / Dining Room open plan space. Remaining areas of the house (2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms) were cosmetically upgraded.

A side-yard outdoor courtyard was created to preserve a well-established shade tree and to provide a visual garden to interior rooms. The formal entry was relocated to a new covered porch facing the street.

In order to make the roof forms align properly, great care had to be taken with the proportions and placement of the new addition. Carefully detailed structure allowed the Kitchen ceiling to appear free of any visible structure for a bright and spacious feeling.


Architecture: Marc Lindsell, 2M Architecture

Interior Design: Mark Tetrault

Energy Analysis: 2M Architecture

General Contractor: Harwood Construction

Photography: Ken Gutmaker